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Sorry if this is off topic, but I love my our new digital camera!

Marylin, our neice on Scott's side, feeding Steven...

My sister-in-law Amy. Steven fell asleep in her arms...he's so adorable!

"Mom, what is that bright light on the camera?"

He loves his feet...I know eventually they are going to wind up in his mouth, like everything else he can get his hands on...lol

Santa (aka my mom) dropped off a few things a little early...lol

We got our pictures from Sears. My mom went out and got us a picture frame ornament...I ♥ her!

This is what Scott got him from Baby Gap...

Scott also got him Baby Tad. It's so adorable and educational.

This is what Steven (well my mom bought it but it's from my little man) got me for Christmas. It has him name on it and on each side there are two hearts...both of our hearts together...awwww! He gave it to me early because I'm such a good mommy, he told me so...

My mom also gave Steven an early Christmas present. She got him little bugs that hang from his car seat. He ♥'s them! One makes a bell noise, another vibrates, and another makes noise like you're crumpling up paper. It's so adorable!

Steven's Christmas balloon

I'm sure you have seen this on TV. My mom got it for us from Hallmark, Steven ♥'s this too...

Dining room table decorations...

Thank you mommy_egats, ladievelvet, and iluvflutterbys0 for the beautifl Christmas cards! I ♥ them and I ♥ you!

♥Happy Holidays!♥
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