Lord Nikki-mort, Queen of the LJ Minions (syanorra) wrote in purfect_smiles,
Lord Nikki-mort, Queen of the LJ Minions

once ciara got the hang of ripping the paper, she had a ball !  she didn't really care too much for what was inside, because ripping paper is so much more fun !

then it was onto dinner.  ciara had turkey just like everyone else !  a lovely dinner of turkey and veggies, and some fruit salad for dessert.  she even had some of the christmas pudding my aunt made.

a nice family picture.  ciara looks half awake though ... she had a hella long day.  my uncle printed this out for us to frame in 8x10, so i have to go out and buy a really nice frame, then print the picture for like, 8 billion other people.  it is a nice picture, even if i look stupid and wryan's got a dumbass grin on his face.  but i guess its better than him having his head inside his shirt ...

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