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Photos and Birthday.

So I turned 23 on Dec 2nd. Started out bad but turned out decent. No gifts or anything. Ended up having my cake yesterday though because I was too stuffed from dinner the night of my birthday. Luckily this year I was able to go out since last year I spent it alone cuz I couldn't go out due to pregnancy sickness. I call it that since it was all the time. Had my cake yesterday since my brother was able to make it over as well. He's the one who took the photo of my daughter. Anyway, I don't have much to say other than that. My dad was singing Happy Birthday Kayla so Kayla was bouncing back and forth on my lap looking at the cake all thrilled to death. But once he started saying my name she looked up at me. Poor girl :D Soon enough tho! My husband had her laughing when he was saying Happy Birthday to her. She ALWAYS tries to eat food. Grabs at your plates, grabs at your food, tries sticking it in her mouth... It was fabulous. Went out and showed my brother our triplex before he left back home. He now realizes I was making a good choice for what apartment to take. I can't wait to move in though, I want to be in by Christmas and I have to throw a party. My brother congratulated me for the fact that my husband and I own a house now. Actually it's all his since it was his money whether or not I have legal ties to it due to marriage.

Anyway, here's the photos.
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