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Merry Christmas!!!

What I got from my in-laws:

~ Bora Bora perfume
~ lingerie
~ slippers
~ Precious Moment nick-nack (it's adorable!)

What Steven got:

~ Shop & Play (the thing for the shopping cart)
~ clothes
~ toys
~ Peter Rabbit stuffed animal

What Scott got:

~ clothes
~ boxers
~ cologne

Scott's parents also got us both a kick ass grill! Yippee! Finally we can have BBQ's!!!

Here I am sound asleep waiting for Santa to come...

Steven and I opening his first Christmas present from Scott's parents aka Santa lol...it's even wrapped in Carebear wrapping paper! Whoop Whoop!

Steven's first piggy bank, a place for his first curl (if he gets any hair lol) and a place for his first tooth...

Steven's Shop & Play...I love it!

Mommy and me...

"Mommy! I'm DONE with pictures!!!"

Scott just HAD to take a picture of Steven with my cleavage in the shot...lol

Mommy, Daddy and me...

Daddy and me....

I got Bora Bora perfume from my mother-in-law...

Me and my cousin Marylin...
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