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Xmas Photos!

I hope you all had a happy christmas! I can finally share photos since I just got my website back up after a week. She got tons of toys, unfortunately she wont be able to play with the Exersaucer until we move. Hubbies idea. Enjoy the photos!

Putting up my parents tree.
Smiling at my dad (whom she adores) after the tree is up. Yes it looks bad. The gingerbreads smell like ginger! I was lucky to get the set last year during Christmas.
Smiling at her popple with her dad.
Ornament I found last year where you can put a picture in. So Kayla is riding a train on the tree. ^_^;
Sitting with my father in law. She's holding the Precious Moments Babys First Christmas 2004 ornament he got her.
Her and auntie Amber.
Her and auntie Rebecca.
Kayla and Mommy. This is the day of the last two Christmas parties.
Caught a fish baby!
Kayla with Cousin Ginta (small) and Nikhil.
Cousin Carly.
Cousin Ritika. My camera never seems to do her justice in the house.
Kayla with Carlys necklaces she put on her.
Kayla in the dress my friend Tom bought her.
Kayla and her baldie spot with cousin Nikhil and Ritika.
Passed out eating on Carly.
Sleeping and showing some goodies. A pillow turtle like her uncles'. ^_^;
Dreams are made of this.
Kissies my tuckered little girl.
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