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About a week old...

One month old...

Three months old...

Four months old...

Five months old...

Today, 6 months 1 day old...

Look at those beautiful eyes/eyelashes!!! He just takes my breath away...

Wow. It is amazing how he has grown into such a little person. In the beginning he would just lay there. Now he is rolling over, cuddling, sleeping through the night, gooing/cooing up a storm, playing with toys, doing little cool tricks, and rolling over.

Mommy loves you so much Steven. You make me so happy.
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Hes adorable and so tiny. How big was he when he was born? My son was four and a half pounds.
He was 4 weeks early and weighed 4lbs 15 ozs...

He's a heff now, trust me...lol...he's over 17lbs.

:: hugs ::
woah. Mine wasn't that big till a year. Hes always been skinny.
Steven is also pretty long...

We go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll be sure on all of his stats.

:: hugs ::
So cute!

He's very cute!! I love his eyelashes