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i don't think i have introduced myself yet (i'm sorry if i already have but it's hard keeping up with all these different communities). my name is amber and i'm eighteen with a nine month old son, jeremy. i really like this community. i think it's a good idea for us mothers who have made our children into little camwhores lol. i swear, i must have (literally) over 2000 pictures of my son on my computer. i can't help it, he's just so gorgeous <3

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New here...
Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

I'm Erica, mother of Kella who is 3 and a half. I'm also 27wks pregnant with my second and last baby. ((It's a boy))

Just wanted to make a little into.
Looking forward to seeing TONS of cute kid pics.
Pro-Choice :by:Me


I know I am cutting it close..but these pictures were SOO worth it :) I'll enter one into the contest, and then post some more just for fun ^.^ hehehe (there are a quite a few..and they are rather big..so dial-ups beware :( sorry!!)

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