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Welcome to Purfect Smiles! This community is based on theme pictures of Children.. You take and submit photos according to the set theme. Please, Read the rules to follow.

1) You do not need to apply to join this community.
2) You must follow the theme presented every month.
3) Judges may NOT enter photos
4) No nudity! From time to time we may have themes (Ex. Bath Time) but please limit pictures to waist up!
5) You may enter 2 photos per theme, but the photos have to be different age groups. Otherwise we will just pick the one we like and use that for your submission. You can make other posts to show off you Kiddos; just don't post them as a comment under the Main Theme.
6) All theme pictures must be put in comments under the main theme post. This will make it easier to keep track of all the theme entries. If you don't do this you have the chance of being skipped right over. So PLEASE, Keep it this way.
7) Label the subject of your post with the Age group of your child IN THE PICTURE!
8) Please, Limit the pictures to 600x600 or less! It's very hard to check out the pics if they take up the entire screen.
9) NO PROMOTING Unless you're an ACTIVE member!
10) Have fun! I hope to see a lot of great pictures ♥

Please Subject your entry with one of the following groups-

Group 1 *0-6 Months*
Group 2 *6-12 Months*
Group 3 *12-18 Months*
Group 4 *18-24 Months*
Group 5 *2-3 Years*
Group 6 *3-4 Years*
Group 7 *4-5 Years*

Please Label Your Subject With the Age group your child falls into. One winner is selected from each age range. Please, when adding pictures ADD THEM AS A COMMENT UNDER MY ORIGINAL POST. I Can't go back looking days for your pictures to judge, I need them ALL in one place or you have the change of being looked right over. Awards are giving out based on different things.

The winners will be announced at the beginning of each month. Awards will be given.

December's Theme is "Creative X-Mas Pictures"
You Can Enter Here:

Have fun with this!

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